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Aneby models holding hands walking towards the sea
Aneby models holding hands walking towards the sea

Hi, we're Aneby

Organic children's clothing uniquely designed in the heart of Shropshire

Our Design Philosophy

Dunagrees in a range on gender neutral colours hanging from wooden frame

Our Design Philosophy

At Aneby we believe in dressing little ones in comfort and style without compromise. To achieve this, we have spent hundreds of hours reviewing each design, analysing fabric textures and compositions, and challenging the garment construction to ensure the perfect fit.

  • Premium organic fabrics with no nasty chemicals
  • Non-gender-specific (ok, ok, we did sneak in 2 dresses)
  • Mix and match designs for the perfect kids capsule wardrobe
  • Neutral colours for garments that suit every occasion
  • Limited production runs meaning less fabric wastage
  • Generous sizing to give extended wear time and/or to accommodate cloth nappies

Who Are We?

Stephanie, the founder of Aneby crouching down with her dog Dexter

Who Are We?

I'm Steph, the founder of Aneby and a mum to 2 wonderful girls (and a handsome Dexter!)

My journey began at the University for the Creative Arts, where I studied Fashion Atelier. The course itself is unique as it focuses on hand finishing garments to the highest of standards using couturier techniques. Post graduation I moved into industry working as a Pattern Cutter and Garment Technologist with many of the UK’s best-known retailers.

These experiences have helped me develop the technical knowledge and sewing fundamentals to have the confidence to bring Aneby to life. I’ve also been fortunate to find a wonderful production partner who specialises in the use of organic cotton. This has enabled me to turn my ideas into something I can share more widely.

My Daughters' Influence

Stephanie sitting by a window with her two young daughters

My Daughters' Influence

My journey into designing organic baby clothing began with the birth of my first daughter.

I wanted to break away from traditional gender stereotypes in kids' fashion. Frustrated by the limited options available, I decided to create a line that challenges the norm, offering clothing that's not confined by colour or clichéd designs.

My children have been my most enthusiastic supporters, always ready with crayons to add a burst of colour to my designs or on hand to tear up a dud paper pattern (or a good one for that matter).

But on a serious note, being a new mum has reaffirmed how challenging it is to find beautifully crafted organic garments from a brand that genuinely cares about the environment. This is what I've tried to create, and I hope you enjoy my collections.

Be Part of Aneby

Close up image of an Aneby model wearing a jumper with a sunrise design

Be Part of Aneby

Join us on this journey of redefining children's fashion.

Explore our collections and discover the joy of dressing your little ones in clothing that mirrors their individuality.

We invite you to be part of the Aneby family, where every garment is a vision of inclusive, stylish, and sustainable children's clothing.

The lifecycle of our garments matters to us. We are huge advocates for shopping pre-loved for ourselves and for our children and we urge you to do so also.

You can find out more about our sustainability pledge below.