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Photoshoot Details



2 years





Arlo joined us as a lifesaving, last-minute booking for our location shoot on the beach, for our hero banner image, and we couldn't be happier that Arlo was able to join us, because the photos are stunning! 

This was Arlo's first shoot and he instantly had such a nice energy with the other model, Freddy.  They were so playful, which made the shoot so enjoyable for everyone. Keeping them out of the water was the trickiest part - some soggy shoes and trouser hems may be seen in a couple of photos.  

Arlo is a very happy boy, cheeky too! His mum tells us that he loves playing with friends and his sister Maya and that he loves an outdoor adventure; the beach is his favourite (which was lucky for us). Arlo enjoys playing with toy trucks and building things, but his true kindness can be seen in his love for small animals!

Arlo is managed by mum, Tasha.